Sep 15, 2016

New version 17 of Embroidery Office

September 1, 2016

The new version 17 of Embroidery Office is now available. This version includes new features and enhancements, allowing you to increase productivity during the design process and get better results. Read about the news characteristics (compared to version 15) on

Save +10% when you update early! According to the early update promotion, you can receive a discount if you purchase the update before November 1, 2016. Do not delay! This promotion is valid for version 11 products or newer.

You can purchase the update to version 17 from your software distributor or directly, by logging into your account at the Service Center Select the product serial number to update and follow the indicated steps.

If you are using this tool for commercial or professional purposes we suggest you seriously consider keeping your product always updated. Among other benefits, you may enjoy a more compatible and more competitive product with more resources and options; avoiding the technical obsolescence of the product and the higher costs of supporting an outdated product. Update cost is just a fraction of the product price.

Thanks for your interest in our products, Sierra Technology Group
Dec 1, 2014

Embroidery Office version 15, for all!

Starting today, Embroidery Office LIVE has been opened and can be purchased by any embroidery designer, counting or not with a perpetual license of Embroidery Office v15. Certainly, those who currently have a perpetual license of Embroidery Office v15 have better prices for Embroidery Office LIVE (plus 3 months free for 2 additional workstations).

Embroidery Office LIVE is a software with similar functional characteristics as Embroidery Office 15. Unlike this version, users of Embroidery Office LIVE donīt need to purchase a perpetual license (which is costly) and instead can pay a low cost of a subscription service to use it. The user can stop paying the subscription fee at any time without obligations, simply losing the right to use the program.

Users of Embroidery Office v15 (perpetual license) that also use Embroidery Office LIVE count with more workstations for employees or partners, or to use the program both at work and at home. While Embroidery Office v15 uses a dongle, Embroidery Office LIVE simply uses the internet as the protection media, providing flexibility for the installation in many computers (it does not require any device connection).