May 13, 2008

Version 8.31 now available!

This new release addresses an issue that appeared at times when upgrading from v8.11 or earlier directly to v8.30. This issue did not appear at all when upgrading from v8.20 to v8.30. Some systems did not gain some of the added features from v8.30 when upgrading to that version, such as Branching, On-Screen Live 3D, Group / Ungroup, etc. This release addresses that issue as well. As always, LiveUpdate continues to be the easiest way to bring your system up to date. However, make sure there are no firewall issues on your computer preventing it from establishing communication with our server. LiveUpdate is a service free of charge, and is available on your software start page. If you need to download the files instead to perform an offline installation, you will find the different downloads available at the Service Center. NOTE! If you are performing an offline installation, make sure you select the appropriate download: * Cumulative Update is to install on top of earlier v8 installs * Incremental Update is to install over v8.30 installs only * Full Version is to install v8 on a computer that did not have it before, or if you need to perform the same install that a brand new v8.31 cd would do * LiveUpdate should be used whenever possible for easier, better, faster installs