Nov 1, 2014

Embroidery Office version 15, Pre-Release available!

The preliminary edition of the new version of Embroidery Office 15 is now available. You can get your copy now!

If you are a current user of Embroidery Office version 11, a special Price is waiting for you, only until January 10, 2015. Do not delay! This new version is available for users of all previous versions of Embroidery Office software. Prices for the update depend on the number of the version you have now and the software configuration (level). Users upgrading each version we launch, get the best prices.

Users with versions 8 and up can ask and purchase the update at the Service Center of the official Embroidery Office website (automatic processing, no delays). Instead, users having version 7 or earlier versions, must follow the sales contact form (in this case, manual processing and delivery of a new protection device is required).

For a limited time, all users upgrading to version 15 can try and use Embroidery Office Live for 3 months free. Embroidery Office Live brings you additional EO workstations without the required investment in additional product licenses.

Note: Check the availability of Embroidery Office version 15 on the Service Center or with your local distributor. Availability date may be delayed in some countries.