Oct 1, 2014

Embroidery Office v15, Upcoming new release!

We have been working on the new version of Embroidery Office software for a long time, and now we are very close to the release date. We want to let you know it in advance, in order that you can take advantage of the introductory promotion we usually offer every time we present a new version.

In the new version, we have improved many features of the program so you will have an increasingly productive tool compatible with new technologies.

We have also improved integration with other apparel decoration specialties, making this version the most powerful multi-decoration professional software of the market.

In order that you can also have your favorite tool whenever and wherever, Embroidery Office users can get as many licenses as necessary of Embroidery Office Live at unmatched prices, allowing you to work in many workstations of Embroidery Office at the same time (use 2 stations of EO Live during 3 months for free).

Soon we will offer more information about the availability of this new release. Please keep in touch!