Feb 28, 2011

New Embroidery Office v11

Embroidery Office version 11 has improved its friendly and modern user interface even more, and it also includes more useful features.
If you are already a user of the previous version of Embroidery Office, you may update it for only U$S 30.00 for a limited time (regular update price is U$S 100.00 for all levels). If you own an older version of this software, the price will be higher.

Outstanding integration of HOTFIX Design!
Starting on version 11, Embroidery Office has become into the best multi-purpose (multi-decoration) first-class software application. It also offers all the functions to create hot fix designs.
If your business includes also hot fix rhinestone or hot fix Sequin (or if you are planning to expand your business to related activities like hot fix), you will be able to create multi-decoration designs using Embroidery Office version 11, and the software will be able to output to different kinds of equipments for different production methods.
HotFix Design is a new add-on for EO, and it contains:
  • HOTFIX Core (basic design module)
  • HOTFIX Stone (rhinestone for motif making/setting machines)
  • HOTFIX Stone (rhinestone stencil making equipment)
  • HOTFIX Sequin (sequin/spangle motif making)
You will find more information about the HotFix Design add-on on the Design Software section.

Important Note:
Do not delay! Remember that our special Update Promotion (to update all versions of Embroidery Office) expires on March 31th. After that date, you may purchase it at the normal update price.
If you have any question, please send us a message to sales@EmbroideryOffice.com.
As usual, this new software release reflects Sierra Technology Group commitment to technology innovation and customer satisfaction.

New in this version

Main Improvements on the user interface
  • Important changes were made in the user interface. An improved new ribbon bar (tabs or menu) organization.
  • Skins for the application. You can set the texture & colors. There are 15 different skins to choose.
  • The old ribbon bar "Home" (default) was changed to "Artwork” and it allows inserting the Art to create embroidery or hot fix designs.
  • A new ribbon bar named "Embroidery" includes the necessary tools to create embroidery objects.
  • A new ribbon bar named "HotFix" includes the necessary tools to create hot fix objects.
  • A new context ribbon bar named "Convert To" allows converting art to embroidery or hot fix designs.
  • Improvements in the context ribbon bars for all kind of objects. These ribbon bars have been fully reorganized.
  • Image and Design galleries (left side) are better integrated and reorganized in tabs.
  • The Style Gallery (right side) was separated from the Object Inspector in a new tab.

More Features
  • A HotFix module was added as an optional add-on. HotFix module has all the functions to create designs with rhinestones, rhinestuds, nailheads, sequins and spangles, for different machines and production processes.
  • New Multiple Sequin Fill for Area and Path objects.
  • Vector and Raster image properties can be edited.
  • Brightness and contrast settings can be modified.
  • New function: Crop, for raster images.
  • Added color reduction, for raster images.
  • Get vectors from “.AI” files, with the option Get from Adobe Illustrator (req. Adobe Illustrator).
  • Predefined Open Auto Shapes, to be used as filling Paths objects.
  • More options to control filling settings: you may save your default options or return to factory defaults.
  • The Stitch Tree View has a new column: thread length.
  • Lettering: The angle of italic can be modified between -45 and 45 degrees.
  • New stitch underlay types for some embroidery objects.
  • New form to change the stitch filling of a section.
  • The designs files ".DSG" icons show an image of the design document.
  • The software may import ".PNG" image file format.

Fixes and enhancements from the previous version
  • Improvements made in all the Lettering section.
  • While inserting a motif or an image using mouse double click and selecting the destination rectangle in the design area, now shows the size of the object while dragging the rectangle.
  • When expanding a node in the Object Inspector, by pressing the Control key, the other opened nodes do not close.
  • The Motifs Gallery is organized in categories with Thumbnails.
  • The free hand tool can be set to make perfect shapes (or not).
  • For vectors/artwork, the colors palette was moved to the left side. Transparent (no color) can be set, now.
  • Reference lines are displayed with different colors.
  • Improvements were made in the ruler, it shows the position of the cursor with a dot line; with a block selected, and it indicates where the design is located in white color.
  • When finishing the creation of a curve the corner property resets to “no”.
  • Error fixes in the Matrix and Circle repeat tools.
  • Improvements made in the tooltips of the color palette bar.
  • The user can set to see 2D or 3D the nodes (on shapes or selection), from the options form.
  • Improvement in object to design alignment function.
  • Enhancements in the colors reduction form.

Some of the features here mentioned may not be available for your product level. Features depend on the product configuration (product level and purchased add-ons).

The above promotion may not apply in certain countries where distributors have to manually process the transactions (outside of the EO Service Center). If the offer is not available in EO Service Center, ask your distributor.