System Requirements

Operating System

Microsoft® Windows® Vista Professional, Microsoft® Windows® 7 (Home Premium or superior) and Microsoft® Windows® 8 (Home Premium or superior) operating systems; therefore, it is essential that any of them be installed and running properly.

Internet Requirement, for the commercial software

Even when it is not strictly necessary a permanent internet connection from the computer where the software is loaded, it is highly recommended to take the advantages of the Live-Update service, direct communication to the service & software support sites, plus the on-line promotions.

The software activation process requires an e-mail account to transfer files between your system and the manufacturer activation server.


The computer must meet a series of minimum characteristics in order to properly run the software. We recommend that you consider to meet or exceed the specified Suggested Configuration column for a better performance.


Equipment Minimum Configuration Requirement Suggested Configuration
Processor, CPU Pentium 4 - 2.8 GHz or equivalent in Core 2 Duo technology (Intel 7300 Series) I5 Processor
Memory 2 Gb 4 Gb
Video 1024 x 768 pixels True color (32 bits) with OpenGL acceleration 1440 x 900 pixels True color (24 bits) with OpenGL® acceleration
Monitor 17” monitor 19” Monitor
Free disk space 2 Gbyte 2 Gbyte. Extra space for the designs
CDR unit CD-DVD Reader, 24x-speed CD-DVD Reader/writer, 52x-speed
Floppy 3.5” HD non USB (if disks are required) 3.5” HD non USB (if disks are required)
Ports 1 x USB port (required for USB dongle)
1 x USB port (for mass storage device)
1 x RS-232 port (for/if direct connection)
1 x USB port (required for USB dongle)
1 x USB port (for mass storage device)
1 x RS-232 (for/if direct connection)




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