Why Embroidery Office?

1. Because covers all business aspects.
Embroidery Office is the only line of products that include applications for all the tasks of your activity: (1) Art and Design, (2) Design Administration, (3) Production Organization, (4) Machine Connectivity, (5) Catalog Preparation and Spreading.
When your project had grown up or you want to change your organization, we have the right product. The application result can be export to a file or computer network, send to embroidery machines, print in custom templates, upload to an Internet page or send by email.
2. Because their features and compatibility
Each product has been developed specially to reach their goals in the most natural way, faster and getting results with quality and easily. Thousand of functions and options please the most complete set of features available.
The applications were not made to suit an specific embroidery machine manufacturer, but has been developed taken in mind the different brands, models and configurations. In fact, Embroidery Office is compatible with a wide range of embroidery machines, including small home embroidery machines, the compact professional machines and the huge, multi-head and high productions industrial machines.
3. Because it gives autonomy and independence
The components are objects that are organize according to its nature and service, including fonts, special stitches, patterns, style galleries, thread charts and much more. From the beginning, and as an important differential factor, Embroidery Office line of products has introduce the concept of open component system; that’s mean that any user can build their own components, with the only limit of their imagination, and use them over and over increasing productivity. In addition it is the only system that allows printed catalog, standard or customized, of that components, keeping up to date and fashionable your library.
4. Because it is the most productive option for today and tomorrow
In any new version of the products we always include new features developed with the current technologies in order to keep your tools updated and competitive through time. As no other companies, Sierra has developed and is proprietary of all the technology included in their products, being in the best position to offer you all the significant advances that make your job easiest, saving time and increasing performance. As the natural consequence of the big investment in research a development of products and the focus in the embroidery business, we can bring you the exactly solution for your requirements, according to your needs.
5. Because the Sierra users say
Listen to them. Ask them about our products, our support for technical requirements and updates, about our distributors and trainers and about the general support they got from us. Make the same survey with users groups from other products and compare the satisfaction and approval levels.
We invest much more. It’s a fact that we start many years later that some of our competitors, but now it looks like would be exactly the contrary. We have developed a complete set of tools to cover the demand of most divers customers. We are very concentrate in this business, the same like you.
When you will decide the purchase, it’s very important that you make the separation between the marketing that the companies do, from your mail goal: Your satisfaction.

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