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Gives the correct tools for the design creation with style and simplicity, speeding up production and increasing its profits. Has an excellent cost-benefit relation.

ART-C45 (Auto-Digitizing) converts computer-generated artwork, camera-ready files and clip art into home machine embroidery designs by digitizing all of the objects with a few steps.

Obtaining them from different sources, and in several formats, ART-C45 home embroidery software will convert images to unique machine embroidery designs, in just a few steps. Designs created with ART-C45 are ready to run on most home embroidery and profesional machines.


   Create  embroidery designs from images, scanner or digitizer boards.
   Edit  existing embroidery designs. Includes lettering and design processing.
  Design  management , organization, code conversion, print out, machine connection, etc.
  High quality realistic  samples  of embroidery designs, print out and conversion to images.
  Create embroidery designs from  pictures  with a simple click. Produces B&W and color composed designs.


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