KS, Nordjylland, Denmark:

"Dear Sierra, Thank you very much for the new design-samples you send me frequently on my e-mail system. I use it a lot, not exactly the same design but the stitch-types and the way they are used gives me a lot of inspiration in my daily work and when I try out different kinds of designs. My customers enjoy every time I can give them new ways/new suggestions to change their company designs.........Customers today like new and different things and It is very nice and easy to offer them different kind of designs - Just changing som stitch-types etc. Lots of Greetings from Kirsten - Denmark"

SK, Syddanmark, Denmark:

"Thanks for the fast, understandable and professional support. THAT is good customer support. I have now installed EO with success on 2 PCs. 1 Vista and 1 XP. Both are activated. Med venlig hilsen / Best regards. Søren Kold"

DM, Bayern, Germany:

"Dear Jorge, thank you so much the dog is so great. I really like to know how you did it with that capture thing. I am still interested in that program S&S and automatic....Is there a kind of demo to see how it works? Thank you also for the 6.10 version it is a great help. I like to work with EOD especially the TTF helps a lot... I hope to talk to you again before x-mas. If not, I like to thank you for your great support during the year. It is allways a pleasure to talk to you and I made big efforts with your advices and the great software. I am happy to have chosen Sierra and I will recommend it whenever I can. So thank you again, have a great christmas time and god bless you and your family. Kind regards. Daniela"

SB, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa:

"The greatest reason why I will remain loyal to Sierra is because of their incredible service and support. E-mails are answered without delay and suggestions and comments are taken seriously. Nearly all my "wishes" forwarded to Sierra when still using the older versions were included in newer upgrades. This is the kind of service that compliments and assists the end user."